Find password for Aqara ZHWG11LM HUB

I need to find the password for my Aqara HUB, and I have seen this can be done from the Mi Home App (I’m running on IOS) but I am not able to configure the device on Mi Home. I am following the manual, and addimg tje device, but when this is done, the device will still not show, and is listed as offline. Adding the device works without problem on the Aqara Home App, but I cannot find any way to check the password from Aqara Home App, so I am lost. Can someone please help me?


First of all. What do you want to do with it?

Because only the old one Xiaomi Mija Gatewayv2 (chinese version) will work with Homey.

The latest apps of Mi Home dont work to get the password any more. I saw that some people simulated old versions off the app in Windows to get the password.