Fibaro walli dimmer brightness new value

New with Homey as well as Fibaro. Added a few things in Homey and I am trying to have the lights turn on a little less bright at night. Working with Homey Pro and Fibaro Walli Dimmer. I tried a few things, but it won’t work as I would like it to.

Force brightness isn’t in the manual for the Walli Dimmer, also can’t find it in Homey. Seems to be only a function in dimmer 2.

A flow with a variable with the correct brightness is too slow. (If turned on - then dim to variable). You turn on the light, it takes the previous brightness and then changes to the correct one after a few seconds, not very pleasant, especially in the middle of the night.

A flow with just changing the dim value also turns the light on. (when sunset - dim to value). Tried this to maybe only change the value and already have it when turning the light on.

Is there any possibility? Thanks in advance :blush:

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Did you try the Zone Memory app?


Define day & night dim level numeric variables for each (group of similar) light(s).
Lets call them DayDimlevel and NightDimlevel
We give the DayDimlevel the value 0.85 and the NightDimlevel the value 0.24 (the dim range is between 0 and 1)

Sensor A detected motion
It is before sunset
(or something like: it is daytime)
(or something like: brightness of outside luxsensor is less than XX)
Dim lamp A to [DayDimlevel]
Dim lamp A to [NightDimlevel]



Logics how-to:

Thank you for your answer but it didn’t work for me.

I am also afraid I almost have the opposite problem of what these steps solve.
I can’t seem to find the right way to use the zone memory, the lights turn on and off when I least expect them but I set my hopes for a solution without an extra step involved. Can continue tweaking in the to be ignored values.

I tried your flow, however, where it might go wrong, our dimmer is also our button for turning the light on.

I tried this
When top switch is pressed 1x (instead of my previous try with turned on)
And it’s after sunset
Then dim to ‘dimnacht’
Else dim to ‘dimdag’

When it’s after sunset and you turn on the lights the thing that happens is; the lights turn on to the last known state and go to dimnacht in a few seconds. When the last known state is daytime they start out quite bright.

If I can get this to work I might still have a problem with the first part. I would also like my lights to turn on in the correct brightness without using the physical button.

You’re welcome.

I see… with a sensor as trigger, (or any non-physical switch) it works fine.

The physical switch somehow remembers the dim value on its own somehow I guess.

I’ve read about switches can start ‘scenes’. Walli dimmer does too:

What if you trigger the flow with a scene?

Thanks, I am going to try that this evening.

Came across scene in the settings of the dimmer, but couldn’t find information on how to tell it what the scene would be. Maybe it will pop up in the flows after setting it in the dimmer.

A scene can be
1x press, 2x press, 3x press, longpress, hold and release etc.

I use also a Walli Dimmer in the bedroom and have the same problem. The switching on dim level is a kind of hardware limitation. The last dim level is stored in the switch:

So the light will always be switched on with the dim level what was set before the light was switched off. And it doesn’t matter if you turn on the light via the hardware switch or a flow.

The only workaround i found out is this (Scene activation must be enabled, at least for double click at the bottom switch).
Flow for turning off the light at the Walli Dimmer with a low dim level

– Bottom Switch is pressed 2x
– Is turned on
– Dim to (e.g.) 20 %
– Turn off (with 5 s delay)
This flow must also be used if you want to turn off the light via other trigger (remote control, “This flow was started”, timer, etc.)

For turning on the light you can use the top switch (1x klick, without scene activation!) or a flow.
– Top switch: After turning on the light via top switch (1x klick), the light will be turned on with 20 % dim level, you can tap again on the top switch (the light will rapidly dim to 100 %) or tap and hold the top switch (the light will slowly increase the dim level)
– Flow: You can use the action cards “Turn on” (the light will be turned on with a dim level at 20 %) or “Dim to x%”.

Thanks for the replys.

Quite disappointed in Fibaro Walli Dimmer. Not going to look into it further at this point, but I am going to continue to find a hack for this later.
If I find any way I will come back to this conversation.