Fibaro Swipe interface

Hi all,
I bought a Swipe and just would like to share it works pretty well. It’s a passive photo display that can detect gestures. This way you can configure up to 12 gestures and link them to various actions. Instead of a photo I put the gestures and their actions on it (until we got them all memorized). By linking my mostly used flows I hardly use my phone anymore to trigger them, unless it’s easier than go to the display. The Homey app for Fibaro can be used to configure gesture sequences. Personally I don’t like the rotation gesture as it doesn’t work flawlessly. Straight movements go exceptionally well. Repeating gestures are also a pain in the neck as the hand movement to return for the second gesture too often gets detected. But this is all a matter of trying what works for you, enough gesture combinations are available to find 12 convenient ones.