Fibaro smart implant fgbs-222 - separate the Inputs from Outputs

Hello All!
help me figure out how to separate the Input2 from Output 2 ?
The Input1 from Output1 was successfully separate by command:
nodeId, 0x75,0x01,0x02,0x00
but how to do it for the second Output , I don’t know

I know you are new, so welcome to the forum!.
But have you tried the search option before? it is really handy tool here that can find lots of things including the answer to your question

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everything works

@Baboon I don’t know if it is common, but it might be useful to put your solution here. Then someone who also has this problem end ends up in this topic not have to read that other topic completely.

And that is exactly why i linked the exact post that is needed for the solution (not the start of the topic) :wink: so people don’t have to read through the entire topic, that is named pretty much the same just in a different order.

@Caseda Now I see it. On my tablet it was going to the start of the topic.
That’s why I asked it.