Fibaro Smart implant custom name of sensors


Does anybody know if we can personalise the name of the external temp sensors? I don’t think so but it would be easyer to recognise each temperature…


Names are given when pairing the device (measure_temperature.external1) and it’s in the app, so not possible to change afterwards.
What u could do is make virtual (thermostat) devices. Make a flow for each temp sensor:
WHEN temp changes THEN set temperature at virtual device with the temp tag of the sensor.

Great idea and it works !!! Thanks a lot!!!

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Great idea and it works !!! Thx !!!

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Hi again… I was to fast to say that is was OK!!! The thermostat is mounting when i warm up the sensor but it never goes down. It stays on the highest temperature…

No reply’s without screenies of ur flows.

I created a new virtual device with the thirt option “mesuring temperature” and created the flow that you can see in my screenshots… Now it doesn’t update at all… It should be so easy but I don’t understand… grrrr

Maybe check this topic .