Fibaro roller shutter 3 works with 2 rollers?

I have two identical windows with identical rollers that do not need to operate seperately. Would it be possible to steer them via one fibaro roller shutter?

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Perhaps it’s an idea to install 2 Roller Shutters and combine them in a group association so you can control them both at once? That way you still have control over both of them.

You can install them to one Fibaro module. Of they are identical and max load is not exceeding module specification, there should be no issue

It is my intention to use one Fibaro Walli Roller shutter FGWREU-111v5 to connect two shutters (rolluiken). Good to read from the above discussion that this is possible.
I studied Walli Roller Shutter installation process | FGWREU-111 - YouTube but that installs one shutter.
For two shutters, does that imply we should stick the wires of the second shutter motor in the extra terminals Q1 and Q2 that are not used in case of one shutter?
What about the neutral wires? Use a connector? Any other things I should do?
Thank you in advance for your help.