Fibaro Motion Sensor Best Settings

Hi Guys,

What is you Fibaro Motion sensor’s best settings?

I keep trying and i can’t get the best settings i need. Im using it in our kitchen.
Motion on and the lights should turn on. And motion of then the lights should go off.

But most of the times even we are in the kitchen the lights went off,

Thanks in advance for sharing your best settings.

Dunno what u mean with “Best Settings” ?
If u want the lights in the kitchen running with a flow then u need to make the flows.
If u want the settings on the motion sensor adjusted u need to go to the device page and click the device u want to edit. Be aware that most of the time the standard settings will do for most of the peeps!
Gonna close this topic. If u mean something different with this topic u can ask any moderator to re-open this topic.