Fibaro Keyfob "when" card with tags instead of autocompletes

I have one question related to path to take to achieve following. I want to reduce number of flows I have to create for Fibaro Keyfob. You potentially can end up creating 30 flows (including sequences) if you use all triggers it has to offer. This can be nightmare if you ever need to remove it from homey. With HomeyScript I can now handle “then” part of it. However triggering part is the problem. Currently I am using Event Bus to at least have all triggering in one folder but what I want to achieve is to also have one triggering card (since there is no switch concept in Homey flows).

I first tried with MQTT Broker but it doesn’t broadcast button commands. Although Athom provided way to better control multiple “then” actions with script, that was probably not intention they had in mind when they created HomeyScript so it is probably safe to say they will newer create card that will provide Fibaro Keyfob commands as tags in “when” card. So I was wondering if I create my own application that will have homey:manager:api permissions can I intercept node commands my self and create my own card that will return Fibaro Keyfob commands way I want it. I don’t want to implement inclusion, drivers, device and all that is already created in Fibaro App. I just want to intercept commands from keyfob node and trigger my own card that will return command using tags. Further more I want to extend this personal app to do things like this when ever I want to manipulate device way I want it and create cards specific to tasks (I am not planning to overuse it but this kayfob Issue looks like good candidate for it). So I am also wondering can I install apps on Homey for personal use (app that will never be published).

Yes you can, make your own app and use CLI (search the forum for this) to test and run it.

Ok thanks.

Can somebody provide me with quick example on good way to get to keyfob node from homey. I was planning to use following code to attach listener to the keyfob node:

node.instance.CommandClass.COMMAND_CLASS_CENTRAL_SCENE.on('report', (command, report) => 
     //parse command and trigger my cards

I can search trough API but quick example can save me some time since most of examples are for devices and drivers from app that registered and created devices and drivers for the node. I need to get to keyfob Z-Wawe node registered in Fibaro app.

UPDATE: I was looking in to HomeyApi that looks like one I should use. But I don’t see how can I listen to any Z-wave node. There is ManagerZwave but not sure how and if I can use it to get report from nodes. There is no getNode in HomeyApi ManagerZwave like it is case in regular Homey API. So from documentation I am not even sure if I can listen to node if it is not in my App.

You should try this neat custom flow creator app, H.O.O.P. You can add multiple triggers for instance.