Fibaro flow and Qubino flow disabled


I have removed all problem devices and added them again but still the same problem. It’s Fibaro universal sensor and Qubino smart plug 16a who has this problem. The problem is that the flows are disabled all the time and when it does it says it in Italian. See my picture.

So and whats your question then?? you want the italian part translated for you ?? or want to know why its disabeld??

That its in italian, would be a bug, so you should reported it to athom as a bug.

The translation you could easely do by yourself ofcourse , there is something like google

The main question is why the flows are disabled. if I enable them they will be disabled within an hour. I have never had a problem with those flow before.

So you did read the topic i give you above this post right.

Its a little buggy so if sure its not triggerd to many time in a minut…. please report it

Yes I have. How do a flow look like when it calculate a value?

let start then with what your flows must do