FIBARO Double Switch 2 question, is it AND or an OR switch?

I want to use/order this device too switch my mechnical ventilation which has only 2(3) positions: off, low, high.
It is a very simple system, just set power on 1 wire and position low is activated, change power too the other wire and position high is activated, no power on both lines and the device is off.

Is it possible to switch both port 1 and 2 on at the same time or does the device switch only port 1 OR port 2?

How can i switch in homey between the 2 ports?
When i look at the flow cards in the store then there are no port 1 or port 2 options, only on/off

Both outputs will be their own device instance in Homey (hence it only saying “on/off” in the appstore, as both devices just have 1 on/off), so yes you can switch both relays separately.

With Fibaro Double Smart Module you are able to set a parameter if you should be able to turn on both switches at same time or not.