Fibaro Dimmer 2, Make Spots on S2 dimmable


The current situation is as followed:

  • FIBARO Dimmer 2, Eettafel Lights connected with Sx and S1on the Momentary switcht with the S~> to diner table light, S2 and Sx are als connected to use the functionality of the second Momentary buton.
  • FIBARO Dimmer 2, Keuken Deuren Spots is only connected with S~> to the LED Spots.

I was succesfull to Switch the Spots ON and OFF, but now I want to make them dimmable as well, just like the wired one on the S1 port. If I am programming the flow then I could only ramp up, or ramp down by long pressing the S2 Momentary switch button…

How do I need to make te flow that when I do a long press, the Spots are dimming, and when I release the Momentary buton shortly - on the S2 port - and press long again, the spots will ramp up?

Kind Regards, Dennis

Make a boolean variable with the build-in logic. Call it whatever u like, in my example it is called “Badkamer”.

Thanks! You’re the greatest!! I also added Stop DIM level Change in the first one, then the dimming stops immidiatly when released.

Many thanks! I was already busy with logic in time, but this works much better.

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