Fibaro dimmer 2 life of its own


Installed a fibaro dimmer with 6 halogen light bulbs.
After installing it calibrated and working just fine.

Now some strange behaviour.
No flows attached, no buttons pushed.
The dimmers shuts down the light, turns them back on.
Running some kind of run which looks like calibrating, but never runs at 100%
light level.

At night it has a life of its own

Any suggestions?

Holy water. Lots of holy water.
I spray all my Fibaro stuff once a month and on every full moon.
Keeps the spirits away … never had a problem since.

Also, try to look for bad contacts in the wiring, it looks like yours its trying to re-calibrate itself once in a while.

Holy water :slight_smile:

Fixed meanwhile. Had issues due to FT signals my electricity supplier sends down the line.
A simple adding raw setting solved the issue.