Fibaro carbon monoxid detector (co2)


Just got my Fibaro CO2 sensors to ensure not falling asleep forever in my living room while staring into the oven :smile:

Paired. Activated. Great.

However - I’d love to see a graphic where I can follow the measured values instead of just getting alarmed when I am close to die due to the high amount of co2.

Any ideas somebody ??

Carbon Monoxide = CO
Carbon Dioxide = CO2


From the Manual :

23. CO meter activation
This parameter activates reporting the value of CO concentration lev- el to the main Z-Wave controller.

25. CO level reporting hysteresis
This parameter defines a minimum change in CO concentration level which results in sending a new value to the main Z-Wave controller.

26. Threshold of CO meter activation
This parameter defines the CO concentration level, which exceeding will result in sending a new value to the main Z-Wave controller, ac- cording to parameter 25 settings. Adjusting the value allows to get the accurate data in case of danger and helps to save the battery in normal conditions.

Seems like its possible, but nether the code upon stable or beta is using it :

I dont have this device, best if you put a ticket in with Homey for a feature request :

Same thing here. Would be great if you could read the value, not just get an alarm.

Any updates on this issue? Would be awesome to control my fan from CO values

Is there already feature request open for this topic ? Any update or release date ?