[Feature request] device state changes by operator as trigger in flow

Hi, i really love the triggered by overview

I think it would be really usefull as input for flows.
IF user turns device off
THEN disable automatic turn on

So that my automations can be easly overrulled by manual turning an device on or off


I totally agree with that. Automation is very nice, but sometimes you just need to do things differently and don’t want the automation to overrule this.
I thought about how to solve this, but the only solution I could think of, would add a lot of logic.
As a bonus, above idea could maybe be implemented in te same way as smart sockets have the option to always be on. Eg: exclude flow if device state was changed by x, x and/or x (where x can be a device or flow)

You can allready: Apparaat mogelijkheden App voor Homey | Homey

Take a look at this thread: Flow start if something turn on a device - #4 by Arie_J_Godschalk