Favorites playlist in Spotify app

I can find all playlists in the Spotify app but not Lieblingssongs (Favorites in English version I guess

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I have the same problem. I can only chose for to skip a track, track back or pauze track. There are no options in Spotify. I also searched in this forum, but there is no answer. Or topics are from years ago. These days it should be more simple to integrate Spotify to play a playlist on your Sonos or what ever.

Guys, you of course need a Spotify Connect device and app for that. Quite simple imho.

I.e. Marantz Amplifier:


Searching for Spotify / Sonos returned lots of hits

Yes Peter, I can use my Yamaha Musiccast Devices using Spotify cards. But it doesn’t work. My AVR can be startet by Yamaha app, it can be switched to spotify input but using play or play a playlist nothing happens. If I use the same method with my WX 030 Spotify starts to play for 2-3 seconds and then stops.
The problem not be able to play favorites playlist or the playlist of my wife can be worked around but the spotify connect app of homey simply doesn’t work for me although the devices are being found. I’d simply connect my Musiccast devices directly to Alexa because spotify works good on Alexa but other than homey, Alexa won’t be able to use my MC devices as speakers and they can only be connected as a generic device which doesn’t help much. The only workaround is using a BT connection between Alexa and MC device which has also downsides.
So my best bet would be using Homey for managing my MC devices and Alexa to control Homey as good as possible. Especially because the MC app is very slow and cumbersome

Edit: I use the Yamaha app of Ronny Winkler. The other one has been flagged as outdated. Remark: Not even sure if the app would be needed if spotify app would work without issues. However, even a long step by step flow using Yamaha and Spotify cards doesn’t help.

Maybe my best bet is using BT directly with Alexa. I ll try to see if it’s possible to get BT connection without any additional work by using a single scene/routine