Fade Hue lamps

Is there a way to program a fade time when controlling Hue lamps? I would like to change the dim level of my lamps with a soft fade of 5-10 seconds - for example.

That is what the “duration” option is for in the dim action card

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Hmm, I see a delay parameter („Verzögerung“), but no duration.

aaah, i missed the “connected directly” tag as that wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the post.

as it isn’t possible to do yet with direct connection to Homey, you can try the app “Transitions

A transition in time from all 5 parameters (dimming, hue, colour, saturation, temperature) is possible with the “Duration” parameter (see screenshot).
But I must say that my Hue lamps are connected via the Hue Bridge.
I can’t say what possibilities you have when the Hue lamps are connected directly to Homey.

Another option is the Chronograph App:

That‘s it! The reason I could find it was because I used the app to combine multiple lamps. In that case, the duration parameter isn‘t available, only the delay. So I guess I‘ll program the fades individually for each lamp which makes the Flow a bit more complext but it should work. Thanks!