Factory reset everyting - tips?

Hi all

Homey’s been good the last few years but I need to clean up my flows, i see some weird behavior, nodes being unreachable that were fine before, need to dump some unused apps, etc etc so I am wondering if it wouldnt be better to factory reset.

What do you think?

If I would go that way, some questions :slight_smile:

  • List item Should i first remove all nodes manually so i can re-add them easier later on?
  • List item Can i login with my existing athom account on the fresh homey?
  • List item Should I remove all flows from my account first?

Any other tips or experiences are appreciated.



Just delete them.

Gonna be unreachable again me guess.

Just delete them.

For ur other questions:

  1. remove and/or reset is a thing u need to do anyway. So do it on forehand or later is gonna be the same. I would choose later.
  2. Yes you can.
  3. No. All flows will be gone after a factory reset. No need to delete them.

thx for your tips, so a fresh install would not really yield enough benefits for you?

In my personal opinions I don’t see the benefits yes.

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