My homey pro box shuts, I have no idea for this problem, maybe breakdown.

I Need help to resolve this problem.


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Hello, my car doesn’t drive. Who knows what’s up?
→ No one can and will put effort in helping me out.

In other words, please put some effort in providing as much relevant information as possible, and read the forum guide mister Sharkys pointed you to.

My box (earlier 2023) is unreachable on the network.
I tried to do a reset to factory defaults, without success.
i change everything possible
I Tried to connect on a windows 11, linux, VM windows 10 and kali linux etc
I tried edge, safari, chrome, firefox, …
I mirrore the port to catch datas from the box with a sniffer …

I contact support, they told me to do verify my ethernet plug and nothing since tuesday …

The leds are blue, waiting for setup i think

Does someone had the same problems ?

Can someone help me to make my homey pro works again.

Thanks for your help


How, following this procedure ?

What it means, without success ?

Breathing or rotating ?

If you perform SETUP, what happens ?

For USB tool, it works with Edge / Chrome only -

Is your Homey detected when connected via USB, eg. you see it as USB device ?

The usb reset has been done, it’s ok
My pc see it as an usb device
I reset it to factory default v 10.2.xx
But always not possible to connect to my box
The blue leds is breathing
Setup-xxxxx doesn’t appear in my WiFi to run setup

Thanks everybody for your help

Yes, seen as an usb device

And you are sure you read the instructions ? Its HP23, there is no Wifi AP during Setup…

i follow the support procedure to reset homey pro

i’ve read instructions, no bluetooth, no ethernet, no wifi from Homey Pro 23

i can’t perform setup
i can’t connect to my HP23

Without going trough setup, there is no Ethernet nor Wifi connectivity.
I might be thinking to uninstall Homey app from phone and try it from scratch, eg. to rule out some permissions issues (eg. nearby devices etc.)

Other than that, I’m out of ideas. You might be using also some Bluetooth scanner on phone, to see if the Bluetooth is active or not…eg. Wifiman on Android - there is Discovery option for Bluetooth (

for france it appears like this : Homeysetup-xxxxx

i tried to uninstall and install again the application
i tried on 2 differents computer on vm on qnap, on samsung and apple smartphone and tabs

i just finish my tests with a fluke network

i turned my wifi to 2.4ghz disabling 5Ghz

i hope homey support will repare it
i opened a ticket but they closed it without giving me a response :frowning:

thanks a lot for you help Sharkys

Can you rephrase?

For French installation

That HomeySetup network is not for Homey Pro (Early 2023)
Remove it and just connect the phone to your home wifi.

HomeySetup is only for older Homey’s ( white ball).

Open your mobile app. Go select yout Homey and click Add new Homey
Enable Bluetooth and location in the app if they ask that.

Follow this guide

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I reset again my hp23 to factory defaults and it’s now running again

Thanks a lot for people who help me

Beat regards