Extracted data not usable from insights

Hi all,

Hope I am not the only one with this problem. When I extract the data from insights about the temperature (for example, from my Honeywell thermostats and the weather) I get very strange coded info in the CSV. I have looked at the data in Notepad++, where it all looks fine. But when I try to use it in excel (to create graphs) I cannot work with it at all. For example, a string of the temperature will be:

|Date Time|Requested_Temp|Measured_Temp|Weather_Temp|

|26-3-2019 21:00|18,5|2.078.999.999.999.970|76.553.055.555.555.300|

As can be seen, the first temperature is correct (18,5), the measured Temp is shown as 2 trillion or something and the weather temp as 76 trillion. I can’t work with this as there is no simple reformatting available. (e.g. Measured temp shall be 20,78 and Outside Temp is 7,6 degrees)

How come this info is so badly formatted? What can be done about it?

Thank you!

Hi @Max_de_V, You can report this as a bug with athom. Another solution for you is using the export insights app. With this app you can export the data from a flow, and the resulting files do not have the issue you describe :sunglasses:

See the forum topic here https://community.homey.app/t/10976


Alright, how can I report it as a bug?

I will download the app.


Bugs can be reported to Athom with this link: https://support.athom.com/hc/nl/requests/new