Expose single(!) Homey devices to Homekit

Hi there,

I have a lot of devices connected to homey. I have not yet activated a connection to Apple‘s homekit to expose homey-devices and make them visible and accessable in Apple Home. Before I dare to do so:
Which way would you recommend: Homey native (experimental) or homekitty? What are to pro‘s and con‘s?

And question #2:
Is there a smart way to pick single devices that should be exposed to homekit? I don‘t want to see all my homey-devices in homekit.

Thanks for your help!

Not sure but because Homey doesn’t have device filters for both Google and Alexa , I’m afraid the same goes for Homekit.
I would go for Homekitty. But why not try both of them, to find out what suits you.

I make use of HomeKitty and in that app you can just simple switch of the devices you don’t want to see in Apple Home.

Thank you. That sounds like what I was looking for!

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