Exclude one device from Google Home


I have Homey and Google Home linked. Just to day I added some new devices to Homey and re-linked it to Google. (So that Google also can controll them)
Now to the problem.
I have an aquarium that runs on a flow (timer) and now Google keeps messing with it.
When I tell Google to turn off all lights in the livingroom she also turns off the lights in the aquarium.
Is there a simple way to exclude the aquarium from Google?
Until now as a workaround I have deleted the aquarium device and reconnected it and then it will stay hidden from Google until next time I want to add devices.

Why not make an seperate room in Google home and put your aquarium in there?
You could still control it if you want but because it’s not in the livingroom anymore it won’t turn off if you turn off all livingroom lights in Google Home.

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Great idea, thanks!