Eufy Cameras in HomeKit

Has anyone had any luck getting non HomeKit Eufy cameras into HomeKit? I’ve tried it with the HomeKit experiment and Homekitty which both do make it show up in HomeKit but it also gives a “no response” error on either. Any help would be appreciated.

“No response” is usually caused by a misbehaving Home hub, like an Apple TV or a HomePod. Rebooting those will typically fix it.

However, don’t expect more than just minimal support, since Homey doesn’t support streaming audio/video.

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Interesting :thinking:, thank you for that. I did not know that. I appreciate it!

ah - I was hoping to see streamed video from Eufy cams in Homey too - now I know it doesn’t support this, I can stop trying to get it to work :slight_smile: Thanks.

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