Equipment purchase problems

I am furious and don’t know where to turn for help. I ordered a new device on November 23. I received the bill on December 5 and paid it on December 6. I still haven’t received the ordered device and even the message that it has been sent (shipment tracking number). My email of December 12 was answered on December 19:
“I am sorry in the delay. I confirm we have received the payment.
I would have processed the shipment already, however I was sick last week and it seems that my colleagues did not look at your ticket, for which I apologise.
I have asked our warehouse team to ship your order as soon as possible!”

Please tell me how much time do you need for delivery to Latvia?

This is a community forum, nobody here will be able to help you :frowning:

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As Robert has already written, this is a community forum and Athom employees are not usually active in this forum. Therefore, you will unfortunately have to contact Athom support as before.

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