Energy distribution and timing - optimize own power generation - generic topic for logic

It’s an international issue that solar power is best used by yourself immediately. Same goes for wind-energy or other sources of alternatives to the grid.

Last week I started this small - by switching the small kitchen boiler on when there is enough “negative power” (from me into the grid) and switch is off when there is too much “positive power” (for wich I need to pay).

Next I want to do something similar with the charging of my car, the laundry machine, the dishwasher, … any other suggestions of equipment that is not time critical as to when exactly they operate.

Another thought came to mind; this might work now, when almost every day has some sun, but this will defenitely not work during december/january, when days are short and often grey and dark. So; I need to have logic also that start the equipment when “im running out of patience”.

Something else; when I start equipment when there is solar power, better not start everything at the same moment, because then it will be too much; example; solar energy 3 kW, charging car, boiler, washing machine = 3 x 3 kW = 9 kW. These better operate sequentially.

some machines can operate with interupptions no problem (like charging the car), other will not (like the dishwasher will only heat the water once).

I really would like your input on wich household machines you have synchronised with the moments that you generate your own power. What logic makes sense? What does not make sense?


That’s not the answer you want to hear, bust best solution is a hybrid inverter with battery to store your own energy for the night or power peaks.
And for charging car a wallbox controlled by the inverter with surplus loading and automatic adjustment of the charging process (1/3 phases, load etc).

If you have a choice, take this to get rid of tinkering with dumb devices.

And from personal opinion it will be hard to create automations for all household stuff. Best would be to reorganize the day to make many things over the day without automations.
The best automation won’t help if it’s getting cloudy.

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Sure an inverter/homebattery and a superduper charger will be more advanced, but will cost way more then payback in 10 years - plus is is not an answer to my question either.

and a propos “cloudy’” - the biggest energy challenge is bridging the summer/winter gap, where you will need to store approximately 15.000 kWh of energy surplus in summer to heat up the shed in winter (average 120 m2 house/ 2 person).

But neither those things were my question.

the question is "what are thoughts and suggestions to automate household stuff during the day - with the usual homey compatible sensors and actuators. "?