Energy consumption on thermostat with remote switch


New to forums, homey and I’m sorry if this is already covered.

I have a heatit z-trm3 thermostat that operates a remote switch because of high load.

What i would like to do, is simply write a logical numeric value when the thermostat is “heating”

For example:
Heating = ON
Write - 3750W

And then include this numeric value as part of the overall energy consumption in the homey app.

As it stands now, the thermostat show a few watts at any given moment, and is not really factored in.

The load is known, so it would make sense to simply calculate it.

Is this in some way already implemented, can I use an app, or is there simply a potential gap to fill here? :smiley:

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For this application you can create a virtual device with the Virtual Devices app.
Create a new device with the device class Heating e.g. and the properties On/Off.
Then go into the advanced settings of this new device and fill the energy properties like this:
Energy consumption when off → 0
Energy consumption when on → 3750

Then create two flows:

– Heating = On
– Turn on “new device”

– Heating = Off
– Turn off “new device”

It’s also possible with one flow, but you must ensure that the new device is turned on when the heater is turned on, and vice versa.

– Heating = On
– Turn on or off “new device”

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This is brilliant, thank you :slight_smile: :+1:

Your app trick worked wonderfully. Although a small correction, witch might be based on version of the app.

I tried multiple devices before I figured out that it was a new virtual modbus device that could provide the aforementioned value.

I have a lot of research to do still, but this simple principle with dummy devices will solve lots of simple issues!

Thanks :blush:

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