Enable or disable a flow

With the update, there’s no longer a button in the “flow” tab to disable or enable flow. I deactivated several
flows before the holidays, I’d like to activate them again, but the option has disappeared !!! so my flows remain grayed out … When there are changes thank you Homey to warn!

???there’s no more “ennable” or “disable” button on the web application than on the application on my Android phone. At the beginning of August, when I deactivated some flows, this button was there, and it was very simple to use.

There is for me.

Thank you Robert for your reply. Indeed, on the Web application I found it, but on the Android application the option has disappeared…??? Is it permanent? or is it a bug? this button was very useful and really easy to use.

Have you long-pressed on a flow “tile” in the Android app? That’s how you get a similar menu on iOS.

no, a long press on the flow title does nothing on the Android application, it’s incredible that Homey didn’t see this bug, given that the update was 16 days ago… There’s a saying in French: Why make it simple when you can make it complicated !!!
A month ago there was a simple button to activate or deactivate a flow, now you have to do a long press to have access to this option and worse it does not work on the Android application!!!.
So I’ll go to the web application to reactivate my flows …! Thanks Robert

Make sure you report the bug: Support | Homey

@Thierry_Sabatier This is what I get after a long press on a flow on my Android tablet. V HP23

edit: This only works when you go there by the flow icon on the homepage of the app.
This will not work when you go to flows by a device.
See info @Caseda

Just as some extra info, it is a known issue that the menu only popups up from the flow window itself, any other overview like the flow overview of a device the menu doesn’t popup yet.