Elgato Stream deck

Is anyone using an Elgato Stream Deck to control flows and devices on their Homey?

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@mskogstrom Hi there. I am looking into this at the moment. I am planning to create an app to integrate the stream deck with homey directly. No promises here but I was thinking about something control dashboard like for the SD for Homey.

I will watch the progress :slight_smile:

Experiment So Far

So I have been toying around some. The StreamDeck plugin api is a pain in where no sun shines.
However, so far the only officially supported ways usable in this combination will enable setting device settings from the StreamDeck. Possibly also show data on buttons by polling Homey for those infos.
Starting flows is not possible using officially supported ways.
So things definitily possible would be (successfully tested):

  • Change Device Settings
  • Display Device States/Values
  • Starting Flows using Virtual Buttons (Homey Experiments stuff)

I would however prefer being able to directly run flows without detours. But this is only supported with the planned cloud api. But that has not yet been released for production use.

Using the Cloud API would make the need for an Homey app to accomplish things obsolete. At the moment I use a test app to connect the two devices. The only reason to keep the app would be controlling the streamdeck from Homey then. But I have not found anything in the StreamDeck SDK which would enable control over it, yet. If anyone has any pointers on that topic let me know.


Feasible: Yes!
But unsure which way to go from here. I will however, look into the Cloud-Api approach if I get it running.

@Maurits @mskogstrom
So far so good. The setup process is still a little cumbersome but the prototype is actually working rather well so far.
Looks like this at the moment:

So far it supports:

  • onOff for any device
  • Press button (only primary button capability)
  • Shows dim percentage for turned on lights

I would be interrested in what kind of usecases people would possible have for their streamdeck?

Oke oke looks nice

Well i have an old Intel Compute stick

And maybe im gonna create a box around the streamdeck to put it somewhere in the house
The use would be like an ipad on the wall or something but smaller haha

How does the setup works etc?

@Maurits At the moment it is a two component thing.
I created an app for Homey (to possibly include future features directly) and a StreamDeck plugin.
The app needs a auth pssword/key to be set up which then will be required for the SD plugin together with Homey’s hostname. It is pretty straight forward setup just setting up action on the SD is cumbersome. I have not managed to update the settings page when entering the homey data yet. So clicking away and back onto the newly added element does the trick.
Also the Homey setup data is not globally stored on SD right now. So copy pasting is the more convinient way.
Actually. You can already do anything in means of sending commands as you can use virtual buttons and switches to toggle or trigger flows with it.
I want to add a few more class specific icons though. At the moment only lights have their own icon.

@Maurits actually. Well, getting stuff into SD is rather time consuming.
Rough preview:
very valuable would be to know what kind of features you would want to control or visualize. Because this feels like reimplementing Homey :smiley:

@Maurits Okay. Newsflash!
I found a way to reduce the load for Homey drastically. So even with a full 32 button panel showing homey things it works like a charm now without making Homey choke.

I added some icon graphics as buildin icons for most of the standard devices and properties. But of course you can load custom images to the SD as usual for everything.

Am currently trying to clarify whether I can publish the plugin on SD’s plugin store directly. So prolly have to wait a few days for the response maybe. And I will create a forum app page for it before the release. So with bit of luck next week or the week after it could be available. No promises though.

I will try to make the app official. You can find the app info page on the forum here:

Having trouble with Hue bridge, won`t stick after being paired… Not a Homey problem though, flows works perfect!

uhm… what exactly has this to do with this topic? :laughing:

give people som time before you throw out shite…

uhm… sorry?
Sorry man, this wasn’t meant to be rude at all. But I really didn’t see what this has to do with the StreamDeck. If you have an issue please elaborate a bit more in details what’s wrong. I will try my best to help you out.

that`s ok :slight_smile:

Well, unistalled the hue module, then back. Managed to include, but after a while the bridge disappears again, and you have to start all over. My point was to ease workflow with Homey when I connect directly to bridge, but will reconsider Homey flow instead.

Well at least (if you are using my app) you can use the payload for things like dim value. So you need only one flow per capability

Thanks for making this! I indeed have both products (along with Keyboard Maestro and Autokey) and you just made my … MONTH!


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