Electricity meter - variable prices


I would like to purchase a device, e.g. from Shelly, to count electricity consumption.

In my house, electricity rates vary depending on the day of the week and time of day.

From Monday to Friday, from 1-3 p.m. and 10-6 p.m., electricity is cheaper + on weekends and holidays.

The remaining days are more expensive. Can you suggest me how I can create variables to calculate electricity at the correct rates for these variables?

Maybe you can look to the app Power by the hour

There is a selection off Energy provider in it.
Then you can use a Shelly or Eaton device to count your Consumtion.
Maybee with the combination off a Eaton and all so the app from HomeWizard (HomeWizard App voor Homey | Homey )

Then You have a serius good inight off your use off electricity


I guess Power by the Hour is the best solution.
If you do not want to have an extra device and you want to calculate the actual price and costs on your own, I would suggest the app cronjob (https://homey.app/de-lu/app/dev.schweiger.cron-job/), which makes it easy to do the calculation at certain times and days of week in one step in advanced flows.
You only need the numeric variables TotalElectricityCosts LastTotalConsumption to view the costs in Insight. If you want to create a monthly report, you probably need some extra variables or tools, I am not familiar with.
A variable CurrentPricePerKWH would be helpful to understand the development