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Edit a “tag” in a flow.. how?!

I’m trying to make a flow that says im asleep when i turn the lights off but i can’t tapp anywhere to change “naam” to my name ?! How do i do this?

Is this iOS-App or Android-App? On Android is an Option where a User can be selected:


If u use the Card “A specific user went to sleep” u can Select an item as @CyberSponk says.
If u use the Card " Someone went to sleep" then u can not edit the tag / choose the tag, u have to go to the AND part of the flow and choose Logic and then one of the TAG related logic cards.

Hope this helps

No matter which option i choose, i can’t edit any tags. Since i updated to 2.0, i can’t do anything to tags in my flows

Is your App UpToDate? In the first Time of V2 it was not possible to use Tags in some Fields. But on UpToDate-App (for me Android) it is since some Weeks working.

Maybe u can give us a screenshot of where u want to edit the tags?



Med vänlig hälsning, Anders

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The image is broken :frowning:

That is a name tag which can be used in the middle colom. When u click on “select an item” u can choose the name of the person this is all about. In the middle colom u can use logic with AND name=Anders.
When we could change the tag in ur screenie u would like to change that tag to Anders, right?
The card in the middle colom will look like:
AND Anders=Anders.
So no use to rename the name tag aye?

Thanks for your reply. To be honest i’m quite new to Homey and i haven’t started using tags in my flows. I just notice that since i upgraded to 2.0 i can’t seem to edit tags in anyway

You can’t and don’t have to edit the tag; the “Trigger” will fill in the tag with the name of the user.

What you are trying to do, is set someone “asleep”. This can be done in the last column by selecting the “Mark as asleep” card.

So in short:
Don’t use the “When” column cards to do something, use the “Then” column cards.