Econnrefused IP camera KC200 TP-LINK

Hi fellows

First of all, I am french… sorry for my english :smirk:
i read already almost all forum/ggle etc… and didnt find any clear awnser to solve my pblm.
so, I just bought an Homey, and try to connect the IP Camera “tp-Link KC200” with the experimental Homey app.
when i fill the camera name “http://admin:admin@192.168.1.xx/image.jpeg” i received the following message " request to http://admin:admin@192.168.1.xx/image.jpeg failed, reason : connect ECONNREFUSED 192.168.1.xx:80"…
so i opened all the port i could on my internet box, but still same story.
my questions, does anyome manage to conect an KC200 on homey ?
or does anyone had any ideas to solve my pblm ?

thank you in advence


Replace " xx " with the real IP value of your camera

Yes JP, thank you. Of course i did replace the xx by the right number… but i didn’t remember the number when i wrote the message, that why i putted xx, just as un exemple

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I have the same error on a different camera (Dahua)

Hi Mark1541

Did you found a way to conect the camera ?