Eaton Z-Wave Product Compatibility with Homey Pro

Hello - I have the following Eaton dimmers, switches, and outlets:

  • RFTR9605-TAW
  • RF9601DW
  • RF9642-ZDW
  • RF9640-NDW

Has anyone had any luck connecting these to Homey Pro? It does not look like they are listed in the official Homey Pro compatibility list.

Two key features I need are

  1. The ability to create associations between devices (e.g. a master dimmer and an accessory dimmer)

  2. The ability to connect the devices to Alexa and/or Google home.

I am currently using the Harmony Hub extension for z-wave and ZigBee devices as my controller, but this hub lacks both features listed above.


There’s indeed no app for Eaton products in the app store.
I’d suggest to check what’s supported before purchasing.