Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Fan

I want to connect Dyson Hot+Cool Fan to my Homey Pro.

But I cant connect them,
is there a sollution for it or is it just not possible?


the dyson app is wonky. even for my previous generation fans, the fan goes offline after adding and the app . crashes… maybe you can submit a request to athom…

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I added the Dyson AM10 with the Logitech Harmony app and hub. Works very nice. This way i can use the humidity sensor of Netatmo to control my Dyson.

Have you tried to give it a fixed ip? And for crashing apps i would let the app restart every x hours (start very often and lower it to search for the sweatspot)

Yes it’s on a fixed IP as are most of my smart wifi appliances… But somehow it still goes offline or timeout almost immediately after adding as a device into homey… I kind of gave up on it since. Restarting the app every x hours may not work as I have manually restarted the app and everytime the dyson devices still shows offline in homey… I have no problem with using Dyson’s own Dyson Link app to control it, just unable to do it with Homey.

Have emailed Athom support a few times but still no solution. I’m using the Dyson TP03.
It was fine when I was on an early v1 firmware.

I am considering buying a Dyson Hot&Cool link.
What I want to know is what kind of trickers you can use.
I want to use the CO2 measurement of my Netatmo to start the Dyson, or set the ventilator higher.

Forget it, the Dyson and Homey do not like to place with each other.

I also have a Dyson Hot & Cool in my Green Room, with doors open to the Garden. I’d like to have it switch on to Hot whenever the garden doors are open when it’s colder outside than in. How do I submit a request to Athom as you suggest in your reply?

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