Dynamic view of execution advanced flows

Would it be possible as a new feature, to enable a Dynamic view of execution for advanced flows?
With that I mean that you can actually see, realtime, in what phase a flow is being executed when you open it from the webinterface.
Currently, you can run a flow and see where it gets executed, but this is not applicable when using variables or when a value has changed

No, Emile allready explained this in a AMA: it would go to fast: they have to do it slow so you can see it.
If they would need to slow it down, only when you start watching it, flows will act randomly.
Only alternatief is always slowing flow execution down. But that would not be a nice think.

And in realtime, you wouldnt be able to really “see it happening”, you would just see te responses.

It would be nice to see the lines-of-execution tho (which is almost what you mean i guess :wink:)
But that would require logging in a way that could potentionally crash homey very fast.

Imagen a webrequest for 1 mb file: no issue in memory. But if you need to log it, so you can trace the flow execution back, we would have the original Insights issue: a memory overloaded Homey that fatally crashes.

So, current solution: let users place logs in flows themself :stuck_out_tongue: