Dual Led Ceiling Hi Hat question

Hey all, I’m trying to figure out a way to control my Recessed Ceiling Lights in a very specific way.

The Lights are from a company called Cloudy Bay, but i’ve been able to load them into my tuya app and into Homey from there. these Lights have a CCT down light and an RGB halo around the rim. On the Tuya app, I am able to control both led sets either in the individual device control or in the group of devices, and this allows me to have both the halo and main light on at the same time.

one of the reasons i decided to upgrade to the homey system, is for advanced control of these lights, and as with my alexa, i am only able to use one or the other. So far, all the flows i’ve created in Homey have acted the same as my alexa routines, and one command is overriding the other whether i’m trying to use the CCT or RGB. i’'m trying to use the sunset or another trigger to make these lights turn on the main CCT light to a certain setting, as well as the rgb halos a certain Setting and color.

In an ideal world, I would have separate control of each section via alexa voice control; for example: alexa turn kitchen down lights, or turn on kitchen halo, or kitchen halo blue, ect…

Sorry for the long and complicated description, but if someone can point me in the right directions, I would love some help!!

Can you post your flows?

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sorry for the delay, its been a busy few weeks. here is the flow i’m trying to use currently. it seems that if i choose color then temperature, or vice versa, one light overrides the other, i’m not able to land with both lights on.