DreamScreen App


DreamScreen App

Adds support for DreamScreen devices.

Fully controll Inputs, modes, colors and ambiance.


Old forum link.

Install App

Dreamscreen website.

Flow Cards


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Hi, in the then colume is a bug with set hdmi 1, it always jump to hdmi2. Can you please look into this.


@Niels I have the same problem.

Hi guys. I’ve found the issue to in the driver I made for the NEEO remote. I suspect it’s the same bug for the driver I made for Homey. It’s on my todo list.

Sounds good @Niels. Thanks!


Great News, Thanks!

Hi guy’s

I’ve just updated the code on my github. if you feel confortable running this code you can get it here: https://github.com/nklerk/nl.nielsdeklerk.dreamscreen

I’ll request the app to be updated in the appstore, this usually doesn’t take to long.

The app is updated and published.

I just received the update and it works great. Thanks @Niels !

Thanks for checking that fast. I’m glad it’s fixed.


+1, Big Thanks

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Is this app already compatible with 2.0? When I try to add a flow card it doesn’t see the dreamscreen cards.

Should work perfectst on V2, im using it daily. Could you see what happens when you restart or reinstall the app? Had similar issues with another app.

When I try to put a then flow card, the dreamscreen app is not visible. But I will try to reinstall the app and check if that helps.

Edit: I forgot to add the device first :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the app!

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Donated! :wink:

Also works with the 4K version and sidekicks :+1:

Thanks you! Ive replyed to the given mail adres but was bounced. Good to know the works with the sidekicks!

Nice! I am considering Dreamscreen, are you using the Kickers too?

Im not but MichelS has them working with my app


Yes works like a charm.
But have to mention I didn’t test changing the sidekicks via Homey :slight_smile:


Ah man… I think that will be the next project. I mean you might be biased but is it worth it?