Door Sensor advice for Hue equiped Homey user

Dear all,
I have just ordered a Homey Pro and want your advice on what sensors to buy to monitor my doors. Currently I have Hue Led lights in all my rooms and Hue motion sensors in some rooms.
I want to monitor the doors at the balkony, doors must be closed to turn suncreens with Somfy motors down. Balkony doors are neer Hue lights but 20 meters away from the Homey Pro location.

What door sensors should I buy?
Do Hue lights act as repeater for other Zigbee devices (even for non philips sensors)?
Will Z-wave sensor work without repeater?

Thanks much in advance,

the Lion

As far as I know hue with bridge is a separate zigbee channel. The bulbs expand the zigbee channel. Without the bridge you also have a separate channel. The bulbs also extend the zigbee channel. You cannot cobine these two. For me Hue operates better with the bridge. But I don’t know if there are doorsensors that can coorperate with the hue bridge. I have the hue bulbs with bridge separated from my xiaomi aqara doorsensors(also zigbee). To expand the zigbee channel I have two innr powerplugs. This way it works well. My homey is about 15 mtrs from the last doorsensor