Door ingress counter device

Hi, I think that a sensor that can track the people that goes into or out of a room could be really helpful for my workflow. Is there some kind of device that can do that? I’m thinking of something like a couple of photocells: the order in which the signal is interrupted determines the direction of the movement (inflow or outflow).

I think 2 IR sensors are still the best solution.
But, if you could limit a sensors’ active “sight” with black tape or something. So it only has a small squeeze it can “see through”.
Otherwise, you could place them in some kind of box, with two tiny holes in it for the sensors to “see” through".

Then place two of those modded sensors somewhere, with 20, 30, 40 cm between them horizontally.
This way you can detect if one goes in or out

The problem with this configuration is that the sensors stay in the “activated” status for quite a long time, therefore many situations might cause an incorrect behavior. An integrated solution would be much better.

Or 2, or 3.

Maybe even 4, or 5!

So not reliable at all!

Check. I didn’t think of that behavior yet.
BUT hey, Aqara pir sensors can be ‘hacked’, so the "stay active time can be set at 1sec minimum instead of the default 60secs.

Thank you.
If you set the hacked sensors’ “active time” to 1 sec it becomes a little more reliable.

If that would be 1 sec then it would be more reliable, but not 100% proof.
We don’t wanna guess who’s in the room, we wanna know who’s in the room.

Well, now it’s the time to reveal your perfect solution. Can’t wait.

Yup. Both going into a Fibaro Implant. Just make sure the sensors are NPN (negative switching) as the Implant only accepts negative.
This could be one of many solutions and the sensors are only ON while in front of them.

Have you seen Hiome?

There is a Homey app for it.
I have one on every door so it keeps track of the number of people in every room.
It’s very fast to respond but does occasionally miss someone when the heating is on due to thermals.

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Thank you! That might be the best option!

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