Do I need to keep all my hubs?


Do I need to keep all my hubs (Tahoma, hue, Tado…) when I install the homey pro ?


You should be able to discover that in the app store. Enter a brand like, Hue, and read the descriptions. It is not very clear and simple to determine imho.

Also, you can name your hubs here.
F.i. Hue: There’s two apps, one with and one without needing the Hue hub.
tado: tado does not work without it’s bridge.
Tahoma / Somfy / Connexoon / Velux: You’ll need a Tahoma or Connexoon hub

Personally, I like to keep some of the brand hubs as they some times offer more, such as:

  • firmware updates to the devices (Hue)
  • setting the scenes defined in the hub
  • offload/segment the zigbee network to handle device limits.

But, at the same time I try to avoid cloud dependant hubs so that my home wouldn’t break if the internet connection is down.

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