Discussion around ways of working for GitHub

Clearly agree !! Seems exactly like what I said but I was censored for that !!

Christopher Charpentier

You are not censored at all and all your posts are stil accessible on the forum, they’re just moved because they’re off topic.

It’s the same for home assistant, nabu casa (or what the official name is) makes the core (with help from users) and almost all the integrations are made by the company that makes the product or by developers/enthusiasts in their spare time.

Home Assistant integrations are open source and are hosted on a platform (Github) that encourages others to help out fixing issues and adding new features. With HA, there are people whose day job consists of checking PR’s and merging them into core and helping out integration developers. It’s easy for other developers to take over an integration if the original developer cannot continue working on it.

That’s completely different with Homey.

Nope… I was even “punished” (silenced) before being authorized back by homey (?) decision after review…
and I do not agree being off topic.

Christopher Charpentier

I understand. Very convincing explanation. But this is crucial.
How can we make homey work the same ? It is frustrating and make people hesitate choosing homey because of theses delays in integrating new devices. That apparently is one of the causes.

Christopher Charpentier

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“We” (as community) can’t, because Homey isn’t an open system to begin with. Athom also has a very different business model that is unlikely to change.

This is a conversation for a different thread @Christopher_Charpent and @robertklep.

I have moved it for you, @Christopher_Charpent you have been asked not to make off topic posts.

You can talk about anything - but not in threads who already have a purpose … especially threads for people to discuss another app.

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