Disco, kids, rgbw

Our kids get to an age they want flashy rgbw lights.
I know Philips Hue and Lidl support flashy lights in their apps.
I could find some really old “disco” topics but without anything workable.
Is it possible to create flashy disco lights within Homey or will I be forced to do it outside Homey.

Does the disco effect have to be done with Philips Hue or Lidl? Or can it also be another app, another device?
Just searched the App Store for RGBW or LED and found spontaneously the Magic Home WiFi LED app. If you look at the action cards, then many lighting effects should be feasible:

However, I do not use this app/controller myself, so I can’t report from personal experience.

But maybe you can ask specific questions in the relevant thread:

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Thanks for a hint, but it’s in the wrong direction.
It needs to be ZigBee
I got many network devices and want WiFi and ZigBee “clean” as possible.