Disable cloud connection

Is there a way to block the ‘Cloud’ connection to the Homey app?

When I’m at home on my WiFi and I open the Homey app, then I see at settings that I have a ‘local’ connection. The same applies when I’m outside my house and I use openVPN to reach my LAN. This feels like a secure connection.

However when I’m outside my house and I forgot to turn on my VPN, then my Homey can still be reached through a ‘cloud’ connection. This feels kind of insecure. I would like to disable that option if possible. There is no need in my case for a cloud connection.

Left ‘Cloud’ connection. Right ‘Local’ connection when I’m inside my LAN using WiFi or VPN.

In the past I used HomeWizard and in this app, I could toggle to use HomeWizard online or just offline (local). I would expect to have the same option with Homey.

use HomeWizard online

You can make changes in you router to achieve the same. Homey does not have an option for that.
Just block internet traffic for the IP of Homey.

Be aware that updating Homey and apps will not work anymore. Same as with backup and apps that rely on a webservice.

Thanks, of course that would achieve the same. But it goes further than just blocking the ability to connect to the homey app through the internet (cloud) while not being in my LAN. I don’t mind that the homey device itself is connected to the internet to receive security/feature/app updates automatically. That device is inside my LAN and of course can connect to the internet.

So maybe I should ask Athom to implement the feature that I want, like HomeWizard have. It’s kind of insecure to know with just a 1 factor authentication that somebody who finds out the login/pass to be able to control all devices connected to homey. At least there should be an option to only have access inside the LAN (including VPN connection)

Edit: feature request is made, maybe more people can ask for it, if they think it should be possible to disable the cloud connection to the Homey app.

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