Dimmer change versus flow dim commands (Device history ECODIM)

Question I want to make a flow that adjusts the light according to circadian level. But the nice thing about having a phisical dimmer is keeping controll of the lights regardless of flow or programming. That being said i want the comfort of automatic lights with flows but i want to be able to overide and disable the flow when i phisically turn the dimmer. Just in case the flow dim does not meet my dimm expectations.

The challenge is that the only “AND” card in ECODIMM’s app is “status turned on or off or dimm lievel”. Therefor when a flow command changes the dim level it will be equal to when I turn the dimmer dial. So an “AND” card cant know the difference of when I physically changed the level or if it was made by a flow.

The funny thing is when you look in the device history you can see what action mas made by which flow or device / dial. So in theory these actions are stored.
The question is there a way to get the device historry like turn on by ECODIMM of turned on by Flow .x.x.x. in an “AND” card?

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When a flow changes the dim level you could set a timer and, when the dim level changes, you could ignore it if it was less than, say, a minute since the flow change.

That"s not perfect but will get you close to what you want.

FWIW I use Chronograph for my timers,


Hi Andy, I have thought about that earlier but its a bit more complicated than just setting a timer. The problem is when ever you adjust a timer by using a circadian rhythm it can take hours the reach 100 or 0% for example.
But let say if in the winter it starts to get dark early due to cloudy weather you may want to set the lights at 100% before the sunset has started.

And I know that you could use the card " if dimmer value is lower than x " to avoid it lowering the lights. But the problem comes if you would want the room to remain dark than it could BLAST the lights at full without giving you the ability to lower it without disabling the flow.

So it would be nice that your flow could see that your the one that adjusted the lights so you can temporarily disable the circadian rhytim for that day.
And thus using the phisical dimmer would remain instinctive to guest or family members who are not known to the programming of Homey.

Create a yes/no variable, set it to ‘yes’ if you change dimmer value by hand and let circadian only work when variable is ‘no’. Don’t forget to set the variable to ‘no’ when you want to start automatic mode again (midnight?).

Perhaps use a Flic button, or similar next to your dimmer that sets the variable described by JPe4619. If appropriate, a second click or a long press could unset the manual override. I would also unset the manual override overnight because you’re bound to forget it.