Dimmed lights wont un-dimm

I have two simple flows that turns on my Philips hue bulps when there i s motion on a Hue sensor.
I have set a condition that says that when the time is between 23 and 06 the light shall be turned on at 20%.
And it works fine - BUT when the time is after 06 in the morning the lights still go on at 20%. I can then in the app turn up the lights and then it will work the rest of the day.
i have tried adding a card that set the light to 100% in my “day time” flow but then the light goes on at 100% and then dims to 20% at night.

How do i set it up so that the lights not is dimmed between 06 and 23 but stille is dimmed to 20% between 23-06 ?

Do you use first the card “turn lights on” and then the card “dim to” ?

If so… delete the “turn on” card

yes i do.
so on the night flow i only use dimm to 20% ?


Yup, the dim card wil switch the lights also on

i have tried using the dim card alone, but the light are still dimmed in the morning.
And i manually have to rise the light strenght.

One flow should be enough for this.

Motion sensor activates
the time is between 23 and 06
Dim to 20%
Dim to 100%

Great aeonax that worked like a charm.

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