Digoo xya doorbell 433mhz

I have a Digoo XYA doorbell which has a wireless ring that you can connect to it , it works with 433mhz.
Is there any way to connect this to Homey?

Yup write a app for👍

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You can try this. Worked for me with a other brand doorbell

Tried, didn’t work.
Klikaanklikuit also didn’t

I could if i know how. App itself should be doable. it’s only the 433mhz code that i have to study then, which i don’t have the time for. I can record the signal however.

then the forum has a perfect topic for it.

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Action app maybe?

I’ll have a look at it when i have the time. Probably just clone the byron sx App and put in the correct Signal code should do