DHT22 tasmota module configuration

I upgraded my tasmota firmware in order I can connect the device to Home Assistant
Unfortunately the configuration got lost in the process.

Can you help me to figure out what device and GPIOs should I use in the device
device link: ATHOM pre blitzte Tasmota DHT22 Temperatur Feuchtigkeit Sensor Modul esp8266 Wifi NodeMCU Smart Home IOT|Home Automation Modules| - AliExpress

Thanks a lot!

Lol … wrong Athom …

Different company.

Try the “contact seller” button in AliExpress . …

How does this situation even exist. ? Isn’t there international trademark protection on the name ?

Athom is not the trade mark for Homey, just company name.

A companies name can be covered under trade mark protection. It’s treated differently to brand name protection but it is covered…

If not , in that case I could go and open up my own fast food restaurant, , make hamburgers and fries and call it McDonalds … :wink:

In the case of Athom (the Homey one) , it is a company heavily involved with IOT. The Athom that’s listed on AliExpress is selling IOT products. There is enough distinction between the two to say they clash with each other and could be challengeable in court…

If it’s reasonably found that an average consumer will get the two companies mixed up (which is what has occurred here) then Athom could challenge them in court.

I even I thought Athom were selling flashed Tasmota gear when I first saw those ad’s on Ali… Lol.


Another reason I think it’s weird that this situation exists… Lots of similarities in their fonts …

Maybe it’s just me. :crazy_face:

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