Control of WiFi switch with Homey - Is it possible?

I have been provided with some WiFi switches that have no makers name on them, just the Model number PT-CS01. This gives rise to two questions:

Is it possible to link to a device if the manufacturer is not known?
In this particular case has naybody successfully paired this device with Homey, and if so how?
This seems to refer but I can’t understand what it means

I would try to register this with the Tuya app. If that works, you can integrate it via the Homey Tuya Cloud App.

This means (if I understand it correctly, because I have not done it myself yet), that this device can be flashed with Tasmota firmware (after a lot of soldering) and then should work with the Tasmota and the MQTT Broker app via MQTT.

That was very helpful thank you. Unfortunately Homey will only recognise 3 units via Tuya cloud (cover, light and switch) is there any other alternative to getting a switch recognised? In fact has anybody managed to get these switches controlled by Homey in any way?

Yes, there is, but it is very complex.
The Home Assistant offers a way to access the Tuya Cloud directly. To do this, your devices must be paired with a Tuya Bridge.

The Tuya devices are then transferred to HA with all entities.

The Home Assistant then imports the whole thing into Homey via the Home Assistant app (Community Store).

The latency is very good and the Tuya devices are available in Homey as if they were logged in directly.

However, the question arises as to whether this makes financial sense.
Tuya Bridge about € 30.- in eBay classifieds.
Raspi 3b+ with Home Assistant approx. 50.-