Devices malfunctioning after s/w update

It seems as the homey cannot properly reconnect the devices after it’s been automatically update with new software. Are you all seeing this too? I have a new homey pro running the latest s/w 10.0.8 now. This has occurred each item a new s/w have be4n released.

My IKEA Fyrtur Blinds does not work after updates…or rebooting my Homey 2023…but after manually use the up/dwn switch they work again until next updates…have same problem with EVA 16amp plug…this has 2 be deleting/included again 2 work so there is a problem

I have the same problem, since the update installed automatically about a week a go (now on 10.0.8). I now have several devices not responding and others responding very slow. Is there any solution to this? I really don’t want to put homey back to factory settings and re-install about 60 devices. some are mounted inside the switch so it would be a weeks work or more.
Does anybodoy know a solution? or maybe when the next update will come, so that the bugs hopefully disapear?