Device for event counter


I have a tasmota energy meter attached to my coffee maker. I would like to count the heating cycles (energy peaks). I know how to handle this and count it with a variable. However. what kind of “object” should I use for a virtual device for this? I see no counter property as such. Should I “abuse” a energy meter? Or is there anything better? I can not see something like a “counter”.
Kind regards, Metatron

Why use a device in the first place?

To make the counter visible?
I thought I need a device for this?

You didn’t say you wanted to show the counter, only that you wanted to count the cycles (I assumed to use in flows).

If you want to show it, you have to use one of the existing capabilities, and like you already found out, there really isn’t a good solution.

Use aan virtual sensor en choose the capabilitie u want (the capabilitie “couter” don’t exist but you can choose the capabilitie you want in the list)… In a flow you can give the sensor the value u want (the value of the counter in this case)

Nice idea. I made an example flow. (Unfortunately, afaik only a virtual thermostat can display a value directly on a tile in the phone app, but it is limited to 200)
With the web app you can view the counter value without (long)pressing the tile.
I used a virtual sensor, with the meter_power capability, guessing it has no limit.