Developer asking for donations from Homey users

Ever since the first availability of Homey I am enthousiastic about the product. I started developing apps for myself, and decided to share them with other Homey users in the appstore.

I get joy from the positive feedback from users, and from the occasional donations I receive.

To be able to test and maintain apps I have now arrived at a point where I need a special test/development Homey. There has been a debate on this forum on who should invest in what, and why. I invite you to read that debate here. Since I am only building apps as a hobby, I would like your support in buying a development Homey. I am also an Alpha tester for Athom, so I can get a special test/development Homey at a sponsored price of 222 euro from Athom.

My request to you is the following:

  • If you want to support my request, please donate before 15 February.
  • I will update the status of the received donations in this forum topic.
  • If the goal of 222 euro is reached on 15 February, I will buy the Homey
  • If 300 euro is reached on 15 February, I will buy a regular ‘unlocked’ Homey
  • Any money ‘left over’ will be donated to Docters without Borders
  • If the goal is not reached, I will donate any received money to Docters without Borders


Donations received:

Date Name Amount
11.01 Robin Gruijter 20 euro
11.01 Danee de Kruyff 10 euro
11.01 rick peterse 10 euro
11.01 Marcel Rijskamp 9,31 euro
11.01 Ton Meek 5 euro
11.01 Robert Klep 13,37 euro
11.01 Leendert de Kok 5 euro
11.01 Ernst Van Den Bosch 10 euro
11.01 Ja Pekkeriet 9,31 euro
11.01 Jurgen Huijbregts 17,32 euro
11.01 a J Rockall 10 euro
11.01 Fikri El Aoumrani 5 euro
11.01 Julien Moors 5 euro
11.01 Jamie Peake 10 euro
11.01 Glenn Seegers 10 euro
11.01 Rwj Wissenburg 2,50 euro
11.01 Miriam Van der Heijden 5 euro
11.01 Patrik Hultgren 10 euro
11.01 Bas Jansen 10 euro
11.01 Tjerk Langelaar 15 euro
11.01 Gerrit Ekelmans 10 euro
11.01 Viktor Gjorgjiev 25 euro
11.01 Toby Leurs 10 euro
11.01 Patrick Blijie 15 euro
11.01 Dan Buzatu 15 euro
12.01 Herman Kuster 5 euro
12.01 Philipp Schnittgerr 10 euro
12.01 Martijn Hoogenbosch 10 euro
12.01 Toon Vos 10 euro
12.01 Axel Baas 2 euro
TOTAL 303,81 euro

(last updated on 12.01.2019 09.02)


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keep up the great work (y)

Would prefer to see you reach the 300 mark so you can buy a homey without NDA and to give another signal to athom that their discount is a joke. Just my 2 cents.


What’s with 15 februari?


If donations reach the 300 euro, I will get the ‘regular’ Homey that is not locked.


the date 15 february is just to set a time limit, otherwise it could potentially take years to reach the amount, or even never and money would just sit doing nothing on my paypal account…

Fair enough.

I don’t use any of your app’s but i want to encourage you to keep helping the community!
All my apps are broken (v2 BLE core errors) and because of lacking an second Homey also… So i know how you feel!


Made a donation…I love the Magister App!


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donated <3

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Donated ! :muscle:t2:

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Donated! Love your Enelogic and Youless app

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Donated and will ask PayPal where the 69 cents have gone.

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I think it is because you used the second donate button, where you can use a credit card. Paypal charges costs when this button is used. If you already have a paypal account you can use the first donate button, and the extra cost is not charged (depending on how you pay)


Donated specially because of the youless app. @Gruijter succes.
If you have more then €300 please help also @Koktail , he can use specially now with the BLE problem also a second homey, a lot of people waiting for a solution for the beacon app :grin::grin:

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I will try to help in any case. Community developers must always stick together :kissing_heart:


Haven’t used your apps, but love apps like Magister. Maybe when my kids get older I can use it on my Homey V4.3. Send some Money your way.

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The minimum amount of 222 euro has just been reached, in just a few hours time. It is prove of an increadible support from Homey users and fellow developers. :muscle::heart:

I will keep the donations button open untill the maximum of 300 euro to buy a normal (unlocked) Homey.

THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Well done @Gruijter and Community; thanks for showing your appreciation for the community developers :+1:

I’m sure the 300 will be reached so you can get a retail Homey without restrictions.


Just woke up here downunder to learn about this topic from @Rocodamelshekima million share on Slack (glad you put a 1900 picture m8)
I so much agree with @RoyWissenburg that €2,50 or similar per app is a fair amount as I advocate the idea of an App Store.

However, you deserve it @Gruijter for this tread, here are €15 donation since I am sure you’ll use the new Homey for good cause and not like I would do (I would install it at my in-laws place and turn on/off lights when pissed off :smiling_imp:)