Another developer ask the community for support

Following the example of @Gruijter and @DaneedeKruyff and replying the encouragement of some other active developers i want to ask the community for support.

I’m developing and maintain Homey BLE apps for xiaomi mi flora and beacon (presence) app from the time that BLE was in a very fragile state (and released the p1 smartmeter into beta). Always trying to make my apps compatible with the latest firmware (BLE changed a lot after each release cycle) has been (and will be) an massive challenge. When v2.0-rc arrived in the experimental channel I’ve updated my Homey to v2.0 in an early stage to make my apps compatible that resulted in all my apps being broken. (due to core issues) and are broken to this day (have a look here).

Therefor i ask you to support my effort to keep developing, supporting and maintaining my apps and also have the possibility to have a stable and an working Homey myself and keep my plants alive :wink:

I’ve reached the goal and ordered an development Homey. Many thanks for all your support!!

Following the example of the developers above:

  • If you want to support my request please make a donation.
  • I will update the status of the received donations in this forum topic. (or anonymous, pm me before)
  • If the goal of 300 euro is reached on/before 1 March, I will buy the Homey.
  • If the goal is not reached (or left over) it will be donated to the ocean cleanup.

Donations received:

Date Name Amount
13.01 Roy Wissenburg € 2,50
13.01 Gerrit Ekelmans € 10,00
13.01 Mr a J Rockall € 11,19
13.01 Robin De Gruijter € 10,00
13.01 Marcel Rijskamp € 7,50
13.01 Toby Leurs € 10,00
13.01 Bas Van Den Bosch € 25,00
13.01 Danee De Kruyff € 10,00
13.01 Philipp Schnittger € 5,00
13.01 Ton Meek € 5,00
13.01 Ja Pekkeriet € 5,00
13.01 Wouter Dam € 10,00
13.01 Jurgen Huijbregts € 8,81
13.01 Viktor Gjorgjiev € 10,00
13.01 Camille Versteeg € 13,37
13.01 Camille Versteeg € 13,37
13.01 Marijn Roverts € 5,00
13.01 Ernst van den Bosch € 2,50
14.01 Glenn Seegers € 10,00
14.01 Johan Bendz € 5,00
14.01 Klas Stenmo € 4,72
14.01 Dan Buzatu € 5,00
14.01 Marcus Åkerlund € 5,00
14.01 Anonymous € 6,04
14.01 Petter Røisland € 5,00
14.01 Jeroen Brosens € 3,00
15.01 Dick Oussoren € 5,00
15.01 Ted Tolboom € 10,00
15.01 Roel Pijpers € 10,00
16.01 Earl Grey € 5,00
16.01 Philipp Schnittger € 5,00
16.01 Davor Baselj € 5,00
16.01 Martijn Hoogenbosch € 5,00
16.01 Mike Sternfeld € 5,00
16.01 Jeroen van Reenen € 30,00
16.01 Ernst Van Den Bosch € 12,50
Total € 300.50

Please do not feel obligated to donate. If you are not in the position to donate. Or if you want using the app for free, it is your right to do so.

Clicking is also support!


As i already making my point in the topic @Gruijter started,

Iam asking to every single user of any app wich is maked by the communty and you can miss the money.

DONATE € 2.50 for every app you are using, this way we all can help make this already great communty even greater.

Iam not using any app that you @Koktail has made, but just to stating my point also donated € 2.50 to you. Not much but if every person does its gonna fast.

Secondly, as you mention and also Gruijter did in his topic, if reaching more then € 300 you guys donated to something else wich ofcourse also can use it, and can only say its a good thing.

BUT wouldnt it be fair the left over is donted to another devolper that he/she also can buy his second homey to help us? (just my thoughts)


First of all: Thanks for your donation!
That is a very good idea! For now i’ll keep the OP because changing it now wouldn’t be fair imo, the next developer can do so.

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Donated @Koktail for the support for specially the BLE problems.
I’m fully agree with @RoyWissenburg about the left over to donated to an other developer. I supposed this also to gruijter for helping koktail…


Np I know Boyan Slat can use also some euro`s as his thing got broke :ok_hand:

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I think what is happening here is more proof that a sustainable solution is needed to help out community developers. Tomorrow the next developer will ask the same, and the day after another… The donations are heartwarming, but is donated by a relative small group of people who care.

In my opinion there are a number stakeholders that benefit from the work of community developers:

  • The developer himself, since it is his hobby
  • App users, since they get more value out of their purchased Homey
  • Device manufactures, since they will sell more if Homey supports their device
  • Athom sales, since it increases the value of Homey, and more users will buy it
  • Athom brand, since the feedback that is provided by developers is used to improve the product (they get free testers)

All the stakeholders should contribute is my opinion:

  • The developer: by spending huge amount of time developing and maintaining apps and provide feedback to Athom development
  • App users: by paying a small amount of money when they install an app from a community developer
  • Device manufactures: by donating test devices and give free support
  • Athom sales: by donating a Homey, or give huge discount, based on the number of app installs
  • Athom brand: hand out company shares of Athom to developers :slight_smile:

To make app users pay for apps, a donation button is not enough. Less then 1% of app users actually do a donation. Athom could make a paid store, where they have the official Athom apps for free, and where community apps developers can ask anything from 0 > donate > max 5 euro.

This would be fair: the more users install a community app, the more he gets paid. This also encourages app builders to work on apps that are really appreciated (= good functionality and stable).

Just my 2 cents…


fully agree with your idea

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Donated. Hope you will get your goal!

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(funny typo)

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I do not agree. I think the apps should be used anytime by everybody without restriction. I think effort and time the developer give to a project should be more visible and there should be more focus on that.


Fair enough.

And what about the idea to have Athom lend out Homeys to developers that need it, and that have over 500 app installs?


F… iPhone spelling help

I made a small donation, hope the goal gets reached!

I do however would like to add that I don’t think the leftovers should go to charity. They should be donated to the next crowdfunding attempt by an app developer.


Donated :slight_smile: would love my plants to survive…

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Many, many thanks for all of you! :hugs:

Donated, im using your apps and @Gruijter ‘s apps (not to mention support)

Keep up the good work!

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Small donation made.

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Here is a small one. Not using any of your apps but I will install Beacon once all BL sorted out by Athom.
Keep up the great work!

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Many thanks for all your support! :hugs: Where are already on 71%!

Donated for supporting to keep my plants green and your role as Bluetooth community developer / explorer! :+1:t2: